Studio Services


Our recording services combines new and old school recording techniques to create the perfect sound and recording environment. Please visit our studio gallery for a virtual tour of our facility.


Phil Ludwig is passionate about bringing out the best in an artist’s creative idea. Supportive and collaborative yet able to respect personal and professional boundaries, Phil has over thirty years experience of successfully producing live and studio recordings for artists from around the globe.


Seclusion Hill Music’s post-production mixing services bring the multiple layers of a recording session into a single, coherent sound that is exciting to listen to and is easy on the ear.  Whether recorded live or in-studio, our mixing capabilities deliver pristine sound that sits in the pocket, every time.


Seclusion Hill Music is able to bring consistency and listenability to varied tracks across an entire range of recorded material. We pay careful attention to matching sound  levels and making sure your project has a common character and even  play back so your fans never have to adjust their volume to enjoy your tunes.

Musical Arrangements

Seclusion Hill Music works with some of the finest arrangers and orchestrators in the business.  Whether for small band or a full orchestra, our creative professionals will bring your work to life in full living sound.


Recording, mastering, and producing packages are available upon request. Please contact us for more details.